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Healing involves several levels of attention. Herbal remedies are only one aspect; diet is another which must be addressed on a very personal note depending on variables such as body indices ( e.g., leaky gut, pH level, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, etc.), infecting organism(s) and symptoms expressed. Another necessary level is appropriate internal and external cleansing.

One must seek out and self-test the herbs, which will reveal their efficacy to you personally. A qualified nutritional therapist can help design a diet for your special healing needs.

A spa, such as The Breath of Life Wellness Center in Newburgh, NY, can offer you an infrared sauna bath and ionic foot bath, among other modalities, to help you cleanse your body of pathogenic organisms and parasites and ease your stressed mind. We have personally used this facility for several years now and developed a cooperative relationship with its management. Our products are for sale there.