Honey Locust Pharm House

How the Farm House Became the Pharm House

Farmers are a fairly cavalier bunch when it comes to health issues. Most of us are mighty fit because we work hard and tend to eat well to maintain the energy levels necessary to accomplish the jobs we do. Sometimes we think of ourselves as invincible! So it does come as quite a shock when we learn we have Lyme disease — and often it will be chronic by the time we are diagnosed.

Honey Locust Farm House has been had been a poster child for the farm-to-table movement. We wild-foraged for milkweed, burdock roots, garlic-mustard, and sassafras leaves among other exotica, both cultivated and wild.

Our reputation for quality produce grew as we sold organic teas blended with the herbs grown in our gardens, preserves from our berries, raw wildflower honey from our hives, and our special baby greens at farmers markets up and down the Hudson Valley.

Over time, our output decreased as our health declined. Then, when we realized what extraordinary measures were required to recover, we went on hiatus to heal from the ravages of those micro-organisms we encountered in the deep woods, which had compromised our ability to function. 

Healing is different from curing. We have been healing for several years now. And during that time, the Farm House has metamorphosed into the Pharm House.

We have studied the spiritual sciences and now grow even more “mindfully” on our farm. We offer you the opportunity to visit us and discover the most powerful plants and herbs that can heal or maintain your health from Lyme or other diseases.

We are not physicians nor do we claim any medical expertise, but we can guide and be a liaison to the natural world and help you find a path to wellness. 

Call Nancy McNamara at 845-561-7309 to arrange a time to drop by the Pharm House, 7 Morris Drive, Newburgh, NY. Or visit me on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to  5 p.m. at the Dutchess Marketplace, 461 U.S. 9, Fishkill, NY. We are indoors at the back on Eat St.